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      3P Media Partners is a multimedia agency built to integrate entertainment, sports and lifestyle. We specialize in brand management, marketing, executive event planning, public relations, and corporate sponsorship.


     Our business model affords scalability and flexibility, integrating strategic brand management with both advertisers and marketing conduits. With over a decade of experience in product management, marketing, event planning, brand development and endorsements, we’re supremely confident that 3P Media Partners can shape your brand awareness and strategically align your products with your present and future consumers.


     3P Media Partners will provide its clients marketing medium by which a product or service can be showcased to any audience of its choice. We’re a results-driven firm that thrives on merging sports, entertainment, brands and fashion through various conduits in a seamless manner. Through our international network, we strive to expand our client’s network and reach exponentially. We are extremely confident that our suite of services will add immediate value to all of our clients.


     Our executive leadership team is committed to immeasurable client satisfaction and constant innovation. Our common tie is the understanding of how to leverage technology to drive awareness and brand recognition. In addition, we’re fueled by a dynamic group of strategic partners throughout US and Europe.



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