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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is one of the best ways for brands to engage directly with the public. 3P Media integrates sponsors into appropriate events to deliver key messaging to a targeted demographic. We service product launches, nightlife and venue promotions, as well as one-off opportunities such as celebrity and/or charity events.


3P MEDIA PARTNERS’ turnkey sponsorship services include:  

* Competitive assessment

* Sponsor evaluation

* Contract negotiation

* Strategic, creative and tactical program development

* On-site management

* Media production and distribution

* Corporate Consulting

* Public Relations & Press Coverage


We focus on providing tangible and measurable turnkey solutions for our clients. Our success is a result of our commitment to the following core foundations of sponsorship creation:



Assess each opportunity based on audience, reach and social metrics. It’s essential that we quantify the potential value of sponsorships for clients. This provides them a better mechanism to measure success and/or areas of optimization for said project initiatives.



Automatically measure all social media, press, on-site engagements and total reach both pre and post the event. Tracking the opinion and consideration lift generated by sponsorship in real-time provides a distinct advantage to our clients during the funding securitization process.



Routinely look to enhance sponsorship opportunities for our clients, leveraging technology and social media to create strong and repeatable process.

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