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Jumoke S. Mendez

Chief Executive Officer

Jumoke Mendez has worked in marketing and branding with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment for over the past decade specializing in Branding and Private Client Services.  Jumoke graduated with his BA in Sports Management and Minor in Marketing from Florida International University in 2003.


Jumoke has worked on campaigns, for Hennessy Artistry Tour to Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival, NBA Draft, NFL Draft and the VMA’s. His 8 years of working heavily with corporate clients, celebrities, athletes, and brands landed him the incredible opportunity in 2011 to team up with mobile company  Mobli, a new startup platform for real-time visual media sharing based out of New York.  Joining Mobli he experienced extremely fast growth helping the company to aggressively increase their overall users and usage by utilizing his wealth of contacts and innovative marketing strategies.  He played an intricate role in the success of social media giant, Mobli, through implementing his ideas, initiatives, resources, and robust marketing strategies. 


In 2013 Jumoke founded 3P Media Partners to mentor and guide young rising stars for both sports and entertainment. 3P allows talent to maximize their overall brand so each and every client reaches their true potential on and off the court, field, and stage.  Their goal is to educate, empower and manage their current/future clients so they succeed in every aspect of business which drives them to become global leaders and ambassadors which positions them to maximize their brand.   

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